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[Free Shipping] Jumbo Cactus Mylar Balloon
[Free Shipping] Jumbo Cactus Mylar Balloon

[Free Shipping] Jumbo Cactus Mylar Balloon

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These Luau Tropical theme balloons are vibrant, fun and perfect for your summer party, be it birthday, bachelorette or bridal shower!

1 x Cactus Balloon approx. 29 inches

Shipping Policies:
- Ready to ship in 1-3 business days 
- Estimated delivery time 7-20 business days (Shipping ID will be provided)

♥ All balloons are featuring both side
♥ Balloons are self-sealing
♥ Make of high quality Mylar material
♥ Balloons comes with hole-punched tabs for stringing as a banner
♥ With proper care, these balloons are reusable for your next event

All balloons will arrive deflated, you may inflate the balloon at local party store, discount store, or DIY your own by inflating it with air pump. 
1. Locate the filling tab of your balloon and place the air pump into the filling tab, the valve is usually few inches deep into the balloon, you will feel resistance when you reach the valve. 
2. Open the valve, gently push in to past the resistance so the air pump opens the valve. Make sure you hold the filling tab firmly so the air doesn’t leak. 
3. Start inflating the balloon using the air pump, once the balloon has fill up at around 95%, remove the tip of the pump and pinch the balloon closed.

- Over-inflating the balloons will pop, please fill them gently.

- The photo may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or differences in monitor and screen display. 
- Adult supervision is required for children. Discard broken balloon right away.
- Keep away from heat and power line.